WCARES primary repeater changed to 147.08 NA6M, effective immediately

To all WCARES members and partners,

The WCARES primary repeater is changed to our secondary 147.08 repeater effective immediately, due to what seems to be a storm induced issue on the 145.45 N5TT linked repeater in Taylor.

This makes the 147.08 (100hz tone) our primary repeater until further notice, as it provides more coverage into the Eastern part of the county until the .45 is back online. Update your records and radios accordingly.

The 146.64(162.2hz Tone) N5TT repeater will move to be secondary repeater for the time being, and utilized as needed. The 147.28 (100) NA6M remains our tertiary repeater if required.

All repeater information is in our WCARES ICS-217 on our wc-ares.org website, and can be downloaded from there.

The 146.64 repeater is in great shape. Just a bit limited for now in the coverage of the far eastern part of the county due to the main linked .45 repeater situation.

N5TW and W2MN are working on the 145.45 this next couple of weeks. Hopefully easily & quickly repaired.

Our regular weekly training NETs beginning at 2000 hours tonight will be held on the 147.08 repeater until further notice.

Thanks for your attention everyone. I am confident we will have the Taylor repeater back to normal operations soon. Will update repeater selection when repairs completed.


Terry Jones, K5LGV
Emergency Coordinator
Williamson County ARES
EM10co, Williamson County, TX

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