Packet Cavalry Participation for Week Ending 11 March 2018

Packet Cavalry Participation Report for Week Ending Sunday, March 11, 2018
Participation totals for this week:
27 operators and stations giving 591 total check-in’s.

Operators who Participated this week-

AA5DE           Don
AD5L            Hal
K5WLY           Wally
K5ZFA           Dave
KF5FUZ          Kevin
KG5LAA          Steve
KG5MIQ          Jim
N5MNW/KM5MQ     Jeff & Lori
N5TW            Tom
W5NZE           John
W5RLY           Riley
W5TA            Dick
W9MC            Mike
WB5GM           Greg
WJ1Q            David

RMS Stations participating through site visit or remote login.

Winlink E-Mail AddressAcronymLocation
K5HLA-9 BCSOBurnet County Sheriff's Office
W5TA-3 RRFS #6 Round Rock Fire Station #6
KD4HNX-1 SDGH Saint David's Georgetown Hospital
KD4HNX-4 RRMCSt. David's Round Rock Medical Center
N5EXY-2 SWHT Scott and White Hospital Taylor
NA5BD-3 SMCW Seton Medical Center Williamson County
W2MN-1 CP RMC Cedar Park Regional Medical Center
W2MN-2 CP PD Cedar Park Police Department Dispatch
W5OEM-11 SNWMCSeton North West Medical Center