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Comms Trailer

On January 5, 2018 WC-ARES became aware of an opportunity to purchase a communications trailer recently used by the Texas Military Forces.  There are several trailers up for Auction by the State of Texas. These units have Onan Diesel Generators, 30 ft. Pneumatic masts, cabinets and work space, set up for communications support.

A unit such as this will provide us with a command unit/communications platform that we will deploy at will for all our events, and activation’s as needed. No restrictions on when we will have access to our Communications vehicle as we currently run into with some of the units we currently use at served agencies.

On January 7, 2018, WC-ARES was granted the ability to review the units on site on Friday afternoon. Terry Jones, Emergency Coordinator, took the three of the Board of Directors that could make it, and our Logistics Section Chief Greg Fuqua. We utilized a matrix provided by Tom Nevue to equally check the specs on each trailer.

All 16 units were reviewed. 6 were summarily disqualified due to identified issues. The WC-ARES delegation identified the unit that we are going to focus upon, up to our limit of resources to invest. And will move to our secondary and so on if necessary to win a bid if at all possible. We will only bid an amount WC-ARES has in the WC-ARES corporate account WC-ARES corporate account on the day of the auction.

There are those that were wanting to, but unable to, participate and donate towards this acquisition when we originally asked. However, every donation makes us that more probable of success at closing bid. We still have time to increase the funds in our checking account. You may donate by using our secure PayPal link here . PayPal ensures the security for your transaction. And you may use credit cards or debit cards for any transaction. The auction is will close this Tuesday, January 30, 2018.

WC-ARES is the proud owner of a Communications Trailer!

Today was the day. At 1011, January 30, 2018, the WC-ARES won the bid for Communications Trailer recently used by the Texas Military Forces. This is a great win for us.  The next step is to outfit the trailer with communication equipment.  We have updated our donations page so that if you want specify what your donation is used for you can.  We make you donations secure by using PayPal services. Donate Now .

On February 8, 2018, those that attended our WC-ARES monthly meeting were able to get a hands on viewing or our trailer. Looking for some decent weather soon to have a day where everyone can come out and inspect the trailer in preparation for equipment installation

WC-ARES Communications trailer initial testing highly successful!

The weekend of February 10, 2018 a group of WC-ARES members with a generous amount of RV, diesel generator, and pneumatic mast experience assembled in the cold weather for the initial setup and testing of our newly acquired WC-ARES Communications & Command Trailer.

The 12KW diesel generator had the various filters and oil changed. Diesel fuel checked for quality, which was excellent. Generator is self-priming, started immediately on first button press to start! Purrs like the proverbial kitten. OK, a little louder, like a Tiger. But amazingly, you can stand next to it with the door open and have a conversation. Awesome!

Power output is clean and at spec. Runs very clean. I don’t think it even came out of idle with the heater, all lights on, and compressor running at the same time to raise the mast.

The mast fully extended without a hitch! 40’ Height! And holds pressure as designed. No issues noticed in the couple of hours it was extended.

The awning is perfect after a quick change out of a bracket that was conveniently provided by Michael Moody.

Thanks to Mark Stennett NA6M, Greg Fuqua K5GRG, Bill Ducat W2CAT, Michael Moody KG5HDG, Robert Peek KG5ZMC who took time out of their weekend lending their experience to join me in getting the filters and fluids changed, systems checked out, and firing up the equipment. Craig Boegler W5TSN and Judy Boegler KC5VVN came by to check out the operation after a morning of Red Poppy race preparations.

Those that attended our WC-ARES monthly meeting last Thursday were able to get a hands on viewing or our trailer. Looking for some decent weather soon to have a day where everyone can come out and inspect the trailer in preparation for equipment installation

This is a great asset for our operations and deploy-able communications!

WC-ARES Communications Trailer progresses

The weekend of March 4, 2018 a group of WC-ARES members worked on the WC-ARES Communication trailer.  This time they took a power washer to the outside as well as worked on the inside of the trailer.

Jim Kinter and Bill Ducat power washing the top of the trailer.
Rochell and Jim Kinter washing the side of the WC-ARES coms trailer










Jim Kinter & Greg Fuqua working on internal wiring.








Wiring, Radios and APRS with TNC complete


Wiring, Radios and APRS with TNC complete









Thank you to Judy (KC5VVN) and Craig (W5TSN) Boegler, Bill Ducat (W2CAT),  Greg Fuqua (K5GRG), Terry Jones (K5LGV), Rochelle(KA5HHZ) and Jim (K5KTF) Kinter, Ken Malgren (K7MAL), Michael Moody (KG5HDG), John Peek ( KG5ZMD), and Robert Peek ( KG5ZMC) for the work they got accomplished on the communications trailer.

One more great work day!  Thank you to those that participated.