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WC-ARES is dedicated to training its members the skills needed to assist in Emergency Communications during the time of disasters. To participate in WC-ARES activations that are several three levels of training that will determine your level of participation during any activation.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) now requires all volunteers, including amateur radio operators, to have completed the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) IS-100.cIS-200.cIS-700.b and IS-800.c course material. WC-ARES members will be expected to understand and operate under National Incident Management System (NIMS) during activation. Without this training, you may be excluded from participating or gaining access to emergency sites during activation.

Below are the trainings needed by level:

Description Level Category
Join an ARES group Basic Participation
Obtain Amateur Radio License Basic Proficiency
IS-100 Introduction to Incident Command System Intermediate Education
IS-200 Single Incidents and Intitial Action Incidents Intermediate Education
IS-700 Introduction to the National Incident Management System Intermediate Education
Skywarn Basic Training Weather monitoring Intermediate Education
Participate in Directed Net Intermediate Participation
Particpate in Simulated Emergency Test or Exercise Intermediate Participation
Obtain Taskbook Intermediate Proficiency
Operate VHF Winlink station Intermediate Proficiency
Program tone into HT Intermediate Proficiency
Set up cross-band repeater on mobile Intermediate Proficiency
Write and send an ICS-213 message Intermediate Proficiency
Assemble a 24-hour Go-Kit Intermediate Proficiency
Program frequency and offset into radio Intermediate Proficiency
Solder PL259 connector to coax Intermediate Proficiency
IS-800 Introduction to the National Response Plan Advanced Education
IS-802 Emergency Support Functions Communications Advanced Education
ARRL EC-001 Introduction to Emergency Communication Advanced Education
PR-101 ARRL Public Relations Advanced Education
ARRL EC-016 Public Service and Emergency Communications Management Advanced Education
Skywarn Advanced Training Weather monitoring Advanced Education
Serve as Net Control Advanced Participation
Participate in Public Service Event Advanced Participation
Present a training session Advanced Leadership
Participate in PIO activities Course PR-101 qualifies. Advanced Leadership
Build a powerpole adapter cable Advanced Proficiency
Build a simple dipole antenna Advanced Proficiency
Hold a General Class License or higher Advanced Proficiency
Operate a VHF Winlink station in peer-to-peer mode Advanced Proficiency
Demonstrate proficiency in using ICS forms Advanced Proficiency
Hold a leadership position in a group Away-Team Leadership
Operate HF Winlink station Away-Team Proficiency
Assemble a 72/120 hour Go-Kit Away-Team Proficiency
Demonstrate ability to set up a Type-1 Away Team Go-Kit Complete VHF Packet to HF Pactor linked system. Away-Team Proficiency