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Winter Field Day

Winter Field Day is fast approaching!!

As a reminder Winter Field Day is a none ARRL Amateur Radio competition. To us, it is an amazing opportunity to get out into the field, practice our craft, learn from our elmers, experiment with new or different technology, have an amazing time, and build a stronger more cohesive team. The Winter Field Day Association explicitly states that their main focus is emergency communications, which fits our goals and purpose to a T!

This will be our third year in a row to participate and compete, although our focus is always to have fun and not necessarily to rack up points. We will be at the same park as last year, Wilson H. Fox park on Granger lake. We will be on the loop to the east of where we were last year. This will provide us greater distance from electrical interference, and it will allow us to provide less interference to neighboring campers as we will have the entire loop, plus some, to ourselves minus one campsite on the far end.  Additionally, this new loop has over 20 parking spaces that we can utilize this year!!

We will be following a similar format as in previous years where we setup the three Go-Kits, and the WC-ARES trailer. All stations will have HF, VHF, and UHF capabilities for voice, digi modes, and hopefully some CW. We will have plenty of room for everyone to get out there and try their hand on the air, behind the keyboard, or tapping on a key.  We will gather around the camp fire at night, sharing stories and maybe even doing a some JS8Call where it is warm. Once again, we will be serving dinner Saturday night, and breakfast Sunday morning for those that would like to join.

January 29th and 30th are the competition days, with setup starting the 28th. The first version of the event plan is attached. It has a photo of the sites we have reserved, and the rules attached on the end, along with most of the normal stuff. We are going to be operating lean ICS this go around, with more focus on team building, having fun, and scoring some points. I have also included a link to the Winter Field Day website below. Even if you can only come for an hour, we welcome you to come say hello and bring your friends and family that are interested in emcomm or radio in general. For those interested in spending the night at the camp grounds, please coordinate with Becky Estil for one of the sites that we already reserved.

We still need a few volunteers for the following areas:

Food Coordinator – Organizing the dinner and breakfast.

Band / Mode Coordinator – Will make a plan and coordinate what bands and modes the 4 stations will operate on.

Set-up Coordinator – In charge of coordinating the setup and teardown of all stations.

CW Operators – Come show us the original digital mode and make twice as many points per QSO then the voice QSO’s!!

Someone to make a satellite contact. Make one satellite contact and generate the points equivalent of 500 voice contacts!!!!! Plus, we have been trying the last two years and haven’t been able to do it, so we really just want to see it be done!!

If you would like to help us out doing one of these things, please follow the link below and sign up (CW operators and satellite are not on here).

To assist us in coordination and planning for food and so on we request that if you intend on going to sign up with the link directly below. If you don’t sign up you are still welcome to come, and if you do sign up and wind up not making it, that’s ok too, but we appreciate it as it really help us!

This year they are continuing the rule from last year where you can get points for ARES from home, if you are unable to make it out to the site for any reason. Please refer to the event plan and the winter field day rules for further clarification.

We will be discussing this further in depth at the January monthly meeting, but as always contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I am super excited for this year’s event, and look forward to seeing many of you out there with us!!